Draft A Will — Create Trusts — Get The Answers And Help You Need In Arizona

Every adult should have a will! Perhaps you know that but have been putting off talking to an attorney for all kinds of reasons. You may assume death is far off, or that you do not have enough assets to worry about. Perhaps you just don't realize a will you prepared in another state or during a different phase of life has become out of date.

Get your will updated and revised if necessary with help from Wayne P. Marsh, PLC. Lawyer Wayne Marsh has the level of experience you can rely on and a personable, attentive approach that will put you at ease. Mr. Marsh will meet with you at his office in Sun City or in a satellite office near your location throughout the Valley.

Secure The Future Of Those You Love

Nearly everyone has family members such as a spouse, children, parents, brothers or sisters, whose well-being matters greatly. Many people also have charitable causes or organizations that are important to them. If your life ended tomorrow, what type of legacy would you leave for them? Putting your estate plan in order is one very important way to demonstrate care and concern for your family or other beneficiaries. A will is a fundamental part of a complete estate plan. Many people also create one or more trusts, which will be compatible with your will.

Select And Create Or Update The Will And Trusts You Need To Pass On Assets As You Wish

Professionally prepared trusts can help you accomplish key goals for the transfer of assets to the next generation when you die or become incapacitated. Through a well-crafted will and trusts, you can:

  • Outline your beneficiaries and determine which assets they will receive or how much.
  • Map out when your beneficiaries receive their inheritance such that it can be an allowance or portion allocation of your estate for the rest of their lives.
  • Organize a plan for managing or selling your family business when you are gone.
  • Determine who will look after your minor children or children with special needs if something was to happen to you.
  • Provide for a disabled adult child through a special needs trust without causing him or her to lose necessary government assistance.
  • Determine who will effectively manage your estate.
  • Reduce any estate taxes or administrative costs.

Additionally, a health care directive or living will can spell out your preferences during a medical crisis or end-of-life care. A medical power of attorney can authorize someone close to you to make decisions for you when you cannot.

What Trusts Can Do

You can protect certain properties from the hassles, costs and exposure that come with probate. You can care for those you love regardless of your state such as in cases where you become disabled. You can ensure that your assets, wealth and property are put to good use and not abused or squandered. You can allocate money to fund education for your children or grandchildren in the future, guaranteeing they have access to education no matter what. You can assist charities or give back to communities as you deem fit. You can ensure that asset transfer will be fast and easy when the time comes for it.

Contact An Arizona Estate Planning Attorney To Talk About Your Will And Trusts

Draft your will or create a trust at your earliest convenience with the help of Wayne P. Marsh, PLC, in Sun City. We offer free initial consultations and cost-effective step-by-step estate planning suitable to your budget and goals.

Trust Planning

Plan Wisely And Carefully To Ensure Your Trust Performs Its Intended Purpose

A carefully thought out trust can give you and your loved ones peace of mind. Putting one or more trusts in place can reassure you that your property is protected in case you are no longer able to manage it because of incapacity or death. Planning with the help of a knowledgeable lawyer can provide you with reassurance that your assets will continue to serve their intended purposes even beyond your lifetime.

For several decades, Wayne P. Marsh, PLC, in Sun City has helped Arizonans select, create and fund trusts, including:

  • Revocable or living trusts
  • Irrevocable trusts
  • Stand-alone trusts and trusts that are incorporated into wills
  • Special needs trusts
  • Generation-skipping trusts
  • Gun trusts and pet trusts

He is ready to meet with you in Sun City or in a satellite office near your location.

You Can Avoid Probate In Most Cases Through Trust Planning

With our guidance, you can avoid common mistakes and put a complete estate plan in place, including trusts. We are prepared to help you design a trust agreement that can be as simple as benefiting a sole individual or be more complex, including tax planning and creditor protection. We are also equipped to take on duties for administering your trust or trusts, including:

  • Distributing funds to your loved ones as stated in your trust agreement
  • Managing your assets, taking inventory and paying any debts (including taxes)
  • Safeguarding and investing the income in your trust
  • Ensuring that you and your intended beneficiaries understand the trust agreement and how it works
  • Advising in any areas requiring decision-making while staying impartial in judgment throughout
  • Acting in the best interests of your trust's beneficiaries at all times.

Benefits Of Creating And Maintaining A Trust

A trust can secure the future of all your hard-earned assets and wealth, and efficiently manage it when you are no longer able to do so or no longer living. Through effective trust administration, you can expect the following results:

  • Your income and principal can increase through the hands of experienced, knowledgeable trustees and their investment expertise.
  • If you are ill, cannot manage your affairs or simply want to travel the world, you can know that your assets are well-protected and effectively managed.
  • Your trust will not be disrupted by probate proceedings upon your death. Instead, your assets will be swiftly and effectively distributed to your loved ones according to your trust agreement.
  • Your trust can be centrally controlled, avoiding delays and wrongful allocation of assets.

Find Out How To Set Up Your Trust Without Further Delay

Many clients elect to have our firm administer their trusts. In this way they can provide for their families as intended without burdening them with responsibilities they are not prepared for. We can administer your trust for you. Email us or call (623) 933-7427 (or (888) 251-5153 toll free). Ask for a free initial consultation with attorney Wayne P. Marsh in Sun City. Put your mind at ease, knowing your future and your loved ones' future will be well-protected.

Gun Trusts

Is A Gun Trust Appropriate In Your Case?

It is your constitutional right to bear arms but make sure you do so legally and wisely. By creating a National Firearms Act (NFA) gun trust, you will know how to maintain your class 3 weapons properly. Additionally, you will know the legal approach to adding on more firearms to your collection — including automatic weapons and silencers — while always complying with state and federal laws. It will help you protect yourself and your firearms. A gun trust can enable your designated beneficiaries to take ownership of your guns after your death or use them during your lifetime.

Be Armed With The Right Protection For Your Guns

Set up your NFA gun trust through a legal entity that ensures your guns, as well as the rights of anyone you designate to handle them and/or inherit them are protected. Establishing a gun trust must be done correctly and professionally to have the desired effects. A gun trust is a complicated document. The risks you can run into if it's not properly drafted and administered can be very high.

Wayne P. Marsh, PLC, in Sun City, can help you through this important process. Meet with Mr. Marsh in Sun City or in one of several satellite offices near you throughout the Valley. Our Arizona law firm is equipped to:

  • Protect your firearms by establishing an NFA gun trust.
  • Ensure your firearms are legally managed and protected in situations or events that were unforeseen/ unplanned for.
  • Identify the right person to bequeath your firearms to, ensuring the state they are in is accommodating to firearms.
  • Ensure your NFA gun trust is effectively administered and your firearms are protected throughout and safely transferred to their beneficiary upon your death.

It is far too easy to accidentally find yourself in violation of the NFA. The fines or penalties you may receive can be disastrous. It simply isn't worth it to forego having a gun trust or trying to do it yourself.

  • Owning guns without a gun trust can place undue burdens on you. On the other hand, a trust is not required to submit fingerprints or photographs or more importantly, a chief law enforcement officer (CLEO) signature.
  • Your trustees will have the ability to legally possess and use NFA weapons
  • You can ensure your NFA gun trust secures your firearms until your beneficiary comes of age or is deemed of such maturity that he/she can assume the responsibilities of ownership.
  • Overall, you can protect those who may handle or inherit your guns by setting up a gun trust correctly.

Estate Planning Attorney Wayne P. Marsh Can Advise You On The Gun Trust You Seek

Establish your NFA gun trust without delay. Call (623) 933-7427 or (888) 251-5153 (toll free) or email us to request a consultation with lawyer Wayne P. Marsh. You will rest easy knowing the future of your guns, those who handle them and/or those who inherit them are well-protected.

Pet Trusts

Plan Ahead For Your Pet's Care And Welfare In Case It Outlives You

Many people become strongly attached to animals such as dogs, cats, horses or domesticated birds such as parrots. Your furry or feathered companion has a personality and a name. He or she is part of your daily life and you take seriously your responsibility for his or her welfare. So what will happen if your pet outlives you? It is natural to worry about what might happen to your beloved companion animal in the event of your death. A pet trust can help ensure that your favorite nonhuman creature is cared for with some of your assets.

Safeguarding The Future Of Your Pet As Part Of Your Estate Planning

Knowing that the pet you care for dearly will be well taken care of after you are gone can give you a reassuring feeling. Estate planning lawyer Wayne P. Marsh can help you set up a pet trust that legally states how your pet will be taken care of and by whom. Based in Sun City, Mr. Marsh often meets with clients in satellite offices throughout the Valley.

You can put legal protections in place to prevent a caregiver from making a premature decision to euthanize your pet. You may decide to get creative to accomplish a goal such as this. For example, you may set aside a large amount of money from your estate (for example, $5,000) allocated to the care of your pet after your death, with the stipulation that if your pet dies before the funds are used, the remainder will go to your local humane society or a pet rescue organization — and not into the pockets of whoever cares for your pet after your death.

How To Go About Creating A Pet Trust

Start by talking to Sun City attorney Wayne Marsh, a pet lover and pet owner all his life whose love for animals drives him to ensure that clients' pets are properly cared for as he would for his own. To put an effective pet trust in place, you can:

  • Work with us to identify and appoint a caregiver you are most comfortable with.
  • Carefully outline your pet's needs and how you want them cared for.
  • Authorize us as your trustees to oversee your pet's caregiver to ensure they care for your pet as you had intended and would want.
  • Provide a source of funds that will provide for your pet's care.

A pet trust can be customized per your wishes to:

  • Protect your Fluffy or Brownie from being put down or sent to an animal shelter if none of your family members is willing to take the pet in.
  • Avoid having your pets separated if you have more than one.
  • Give your pet a legal representative who can speak on the pet's behalf regarding the exact needs of your pet and the type of care needed.
  • Ensure your pet has a guaranteed source of funding so they can access the kind of care they are used to and that you would want them to have.

Complete Your Arizona Estate Plan With A Pet Trust

Take the first step to create a trust for your pet today. Email us or call (623) 933-7427 or (888) 251-5153 toll free to schedule initial consultation with an estate planning lawyer. Set your mind at ease knowing your pet's future is well protected and cared for.