How To Get Your Estate Plan In Order

Thinking about creating an estate plan can seem overwhelming. You may worry about legal fees or the amount of time it may take to do it right. You may hesitate because of likely changes in the family coming soon: an engagement, an approaching divorce, a pregnancy or a terminal illness. Add to any of these other life challenges such as a move coming soon, study or work responsibilities and the normal management of your day-to-day life — and it's easy to see why some people put off estate planning indefinitely.

Unfortunately, procrastination sometimes leads to regrettable problems that could have been avoided easily through basic estate planning. Learn how to get your estate plan in order with the help of estate planning lawyer Wayne P. Marsh.

At Wayne P. Marsh, PLC, in Sun City, we greatly respect our clients' goals and priorities. We work with people of all income levels and at all stages of estate planning. We understand the anxiety that the topic of death and future distribution of assets can bring to some people. We are very willing to work with you through a very manageable step-by-step plan to get your estate plan in order:

Step One: Request A Free Consultation

There is no risk and much to gain through a free exploratory consultation with estate lawyer Wayne P. Marsh. Meet him in Sun City or in a satellite office near your location in the Valley. He is ready to hear about your wishes and expectations. When you have shared your ideas, he will explain the most efficient ways to move forward toward a complete estate plan designed to accomplish your goals.

Step Two: Explore Options And Devise A Strategy

Listening to your thoughts and ideas is the foundation of the estate planning practice at Wayne P. Marsh, PLC. With a clear understanding of what you hope to accomplish with a will, trust(s) and other estate planning methods (such as naming beneficiaries on your life insurance policies), he will be able to map out a step-by-step approach to completing your estate plan.

Step Three: Decide Which Parts Of Your Estate Plan To Start With

You may decide to get a complete package of all components of a complete, integrated estate plan. Or you may feel it is too much to start with — but you know it is time to start somewhere. Getting a will in place is most likely the first thing you can and should do. A health care directive may be simple to put in place right away.

Step Four: Begin To Get The Components Of Your Ideal Estate Plan In Place

You may decide to expand your estate plan to include sophisticated trusts and other legal instruments. A personalized consultation and discussion of options will direct you toward what to do next — and what to do after that.

Step Five: Take Necessary Actions Needed To Ensure Your Arizona Estate Plan Will Work As It Should

If you set up one or more trusts, you will then need to "fund the trust." You may need to change the names on your real estate property's title, bank accounts and more. Regardless of what your estate plan consists of, you will want to ensure that your family or other personal representative will know where to find key legal documents and put them into motion when the time comes.

Step Six: Schedule Estate Planning Check Ups With Your Lawyer As Recommended

If you get married, get divorced, lose your spouse, become a parent for the first time or start a business, you should go over your will and other estate planning tools with your attorney and continue to do so regularly. Wayne P. Marsh, PLC, is well-suited to estate planning updates at any point.


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