About Probate And Estate Administration

Losing a loved one is hard for almost anyone. Being responsible for administering your loved one's estate can add to your stress after a death in the family. If you need to take on the responsibility of administering the estate of a deceased family member, consult with a knowledgeable probate lawyer as soon as possible to prevent mistakes. Get clear direction and get the job done cost-effectively and accurately.

Guidance For Personal Representatives (Executors)

You might have been the named the personal representative (executor) of your deceased loved one. Or you might discover the deceased party hadn't drawn up a will. Handling the estate is a sensitive job with numerous requirements and challenges. You can easily become overwhelmed by the details — or worse, make a mistake that could cost beneficiaries their rightful inheritance.

To alleviate your stress and prevent mistakes, talk to an attorney. Wayne P. Marsh, PLC, in Sun City, has helped thousands of families over the years after their loved ones had passed away in Arizona. The firm works with people whose loved ones have died anywhere in the Phoenix area or beyond. Request a phone consultation if you live outside the area or meet with Mr. Marsh in person in Sun City or at one of several satellite offices throughout the Valley.

Both local and out-of-state inquiries are welcome after a death in the family in Arizona.

Minimize Stress While Managing Your Loved One's Probate And Estate Administration

The first step in handling a family member's final affairs is to find an attorney you can trust to help you take care of all the necessary details. Look for an attorney who is well-versed in probate administration to assist you in the process. Lawyer Wayne P. Marsh brings years of experience to the table.

We are prepared to help you from start to finish if the responsibility for managing someone's estate has come to you. We can assist you with the fulfillment of a trust or trusts that fall outside the probate process. It is also likely that at least part of the estate will We aim to make the transition a smooth and stress-free process for you by:

  • Filing the proper court pleadings with the probate court
  • Assisting in outlining the debts, claims and taxes that need to be addressed and helping you to resolve each
  • Helping in fair and accurate allocation and distribution of assets according to the will or as per court rulings


Before The Need For Probate Counsel Arrives ...

Many clients of Wayne P. Marsh, PLC, find it very useful to work with our law firm during all phases of estate planning and probate. Entire families have depended on us for customized advice and assistance through generations. You can protect your loved ones from disputes and nasty court battles over your estate. Work with an estate lawyer prior to your death to create a will and/or trust(s). If you are unsure whether your parents have planned well for the future, talk to us about ways to initiate that sensitive conversation. Through proper estate planning, you can:

  • Secure the well-being of loved ones through proper use of your (or your family member's) assets after death.
  • Benefit from professional guidance in drawing up testamentary documents that are undisputable and difficult or impossible to challenge in the event of a contested will.
  • Protect your assets and ensure they will be allocated according to your wishes after your death.
  • Prepare to facilitate a timely probate process including correct preparation and filing of necessary information and documents.

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